Windsor Riverfront – Windsor, ON

Project Outline

2400m of trunk sewer consisting of 600 – 2250mm RCP and concrete jacking pipe installed by closed face shielded TBM utilizing the single pass method in highly saturated clay, due to the high water table, and sand seams (mixed face). 80% of the job was constructed with own forces with the remainder by subcontractor. Construction was supposed to be completed in 12 months, but took 15 months due to an abandoned underground concrete structure which was not on the drawings. Multiple crews were utilized. Average mining production exceeded 13m a day.


The job was located on the waterfront in downtown Windsor, Ontario Canada. The alignment closely followed the St. Clair River. The size of working sites were kept to a minimum so downtown traffic was rarely impacted and park access remained open continually throughout construction.

Shaft Descriptions

The job had 13 shafts with diameters ranging from 4.88m to 12.5m and depths from 9.9 to 15.1m.

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