C&M McNally rebuilds many of their TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) in-house. All of our TBMs have been customized to some extent to make them more reliable and better suited to the conditions in which they work. We have in-house designed gripper systems and other major TBM components.

Our Tunneling Capabilities & Approach

We pride ourselves on being able to deal with difficult/challenging projects: very long tunnel drives, tunnels through fractured geology, high water flows, complex finish works, etc.

  • We have a suite of tunnel boring machines for both rock and soil in the common diameters used in North America
  • We design and build equipment for specific jobs; custom/boutique equipment (to get the job done)
  • Whenever possible, we engineer a job to be simpler to save customers money
  • Gyroscopic navigation systems have been utilized on small and medium diameter tunnel boring systems where the tunnel alignment had many curves which would have proven to be unreliable and costly if traditional machine navigation would have been employed

Our Patents

McNally Roof Support System

  • Cheap and effective support system for keeping a tunnel roof up
  • Licensed by Robbins (tunnel boring manufacturer)

McNally Air Car

  • Innovative means of installing pipe in a tunnel
  • A low slung car utilizing two bogies and thin inflatable bags to help place¬†the pipe into position for installation
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